Wesley E. Etheridge Sr.

Advocate | Author | Award-Winning Community Leader | Behavioral Strategist | Consultant | “Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management”| Master Trainer | Platform Speaker I Entrepreneur

Wesley E. Etheridge Sr. has a San Diego City College Behavioral Sciences Alcohol & Other Drug Studies Degree; he is a retired Disabled Veterans Outreach Representative and US Navy Master Trainer. A Diplomat Certified Anger Management Facilitator (DCAMF) , he is the author of Manage Your Anger in 10 Days an eBook on Amazon.com  and is a past recipient of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence Community Leadership Award along with numerous other awards for community service.

Wes is nationally recognized for being an advocate for military veterans and their families in addition to being the Principal Consultant for GCS Facilitators (visit online at; www.gcsfacilitators.com ) and Consultants the “Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management.”

He is also a former California Gang Diversion Specialist, Arizona Youth and Adult Corrections Behavioral Coach, Connecticut Department of Corrections and Community Partners in Action Prisoner Re-entry Program Coordinator. 

Currently, he is an Entrepreneur, a state of Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) Contractor, and the Executive Director of Camp Verna a (grass-roots community based organization) Trauma Informed Care Residential Facility which primarily advocates for veterans and assists them with managing their secondary emotion of anger, especially those who exhibit maladaptive behaviors or characteristics associated with PTSD, MST and mild TBI as a result of their military experiences.